How to live in acceptance

We can try to accept and surrender, try to let go. Sometimes we might achieve it, but often we struggle and fail. And when we fail, we reject ourselves even more.

But what if we don’t need to try harder, or do better?

What if we are trying to achieve something which already is?

What if we are not separate beings, trying to accept and surrender to something ‘out there’?

What if we are already the open space of acceptance that allows all of life to unfold?

And that includes all of life – even our failure to accept and surrender to certain things.

Why would we resist what is happening in this moment, when we ARE everything that is appearing in each moment?

We are all of life, connected and whole, no separation, simultaneously and continuously unfolding. So there is nothing for us to try and accept, nothing for us to try and surrender or let go.

We are acceptance. We cannot ‘do’ acceptance.

All of life unfolds in the present moment, and as it unfolds, it is already allowed and accepted – every thought, emotion, feeling – it has already been accepted by life, because it has already been allowed to happen.

So instead of ‘trying’ to accept and surrender, what if we simply recognize that each moment has already arrived, whole and complete? The acceptance part has already happened, because the moment has already happened.

So acceptance is here, right in this present moment.

It is the deeper stillness, the conscious awareness, the unfolding of life – our true nature – in which everything is already accepted. And when everything is already accepted – even our non-acceptance and suffering – then we can recognise that our suffering is not something we should reject or try to change.

When every experience is gently held, when our non-acceptance and suffering is gently held, when we become wholly intimate with life in every moment, we wake up and realise that we already are the acceptance we so desperately seek.

3 thoughts on “How to live in acceptance

  1. Aija D

    It’s so special when a sincere lived feeling can be felt through the words. Not just an instant, but a thousand days at once, thank you


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