Healing unworthiness issues

We can have many toxic beliefs about our own unworthiness, but two simple beliefs underpin them all – ‘I am unworthy. I am unlovable’.

But what if these beliefs are not true at all?

Is one tree more worthy than another tree?
Is one bird more worthy than another bird?
Is one cloud more worthy than another cloud?

The answer is always the same – no single creature, tree or any other life form is more worthy than another. They are all simply beautiful expressions of life.

They simply are. They exist.

Is one human more worthy than another?

When you judge yourself as being unworthy, ask yourself, who is making this judgement?

Is it not your ego, your mind, your story of ‘me’ – that imagined identity story in your head? Is that story not based on past experiences, future expectations, and a deep resistance to life, caused by your expectations and disappointments about how life should be?

But the past and future do not exist. There is only now. Life is continuously creating itself each moment, expressing itself as you and infinite other forms, only ever in this moment of now.

You are a beautiful expression of life, like every other creature, tree and flower in existence. You carry that same aliveness as every other creature – it’s all one and the same expression, no separation. It all unfolds simultaneously as one, in one eternal moment. Life is oneness.

To judge yourself as worthy or unworthy is like judging a flower or a cloud as worthy or unworthy.

To judge yourself as worthy or unworthy is to believe in the imaginary stories created by your mind, to believe that those stories are real.

Life has no question of worthiness, because life is an unconditionally perfect and whole expression of itself.

What if you could see through the illusion of your mind? See that there is no question of being worthy or unworthy. Embrace life – embrace yourself and the universe that you are. Embrace the oneness, and you will find that there is only conscious awareness… life, becoming aware of itself, as love.

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