The meaning of 11:11

Many of us are experiencing the 11:11 phenomenon – seeing numbers such as 11:11 and 911 repeatedly, as we go about our daily lives.

I started seeing them two years ago – on clocks, cars, bill receipts, phones, bank statements… everywhere. The craziest time was when I was looking for an apartment to rent. I saw the ideal place online, and was amazed when I arrived to apartment number 11, with a postcode of 1011, and the rental agent told me I could move in on 11 May. And on the day I moved in, I woke up at 9:11am, the removal company was due to arrive at 10am, but they were late… arriving at 11:11am. When this happened, my gut literally screamed at me, ‘This is no coincidence!’

I had to discover what it all meant.

I turned to the Internet for answers, and founds dozens of tantalizing theories. I noticed that they all had a spiritual context, and were all underpinned by the promise of something mystical and magical. Well, this made perfect sense – I was a ‘spiritual’ person, living a spiritual life, so of course the universe was sending me signs. I just had to decode them.

I fizzed with excitement when I learned that 11:11 meant I was about to meet my twin flame. But when my elusive twin didn’t come skipping over the horizon, I chose to believe the theory that 11:11 meant I was going through a period of accelerated spiritual growth. I put all my hope in this beautiful concept, blindly using it as a spiritual life-raft in dark moments. I also read that 11:11 is the doorway between the 3rd and 5th dimensional worlds, and I focused intently on this idea during meditation, waiting for that mystical interdimensional shift to occur. 11:11 also held the promise of activating and upgrading my DNA, bringing me closer to spiritual awakening. So I closely monitored all those delicious body tingles, energy surges and blissful feelings I so often felt, waiting for the 11:11 spiritual awakening prophecy to come true.

But nothing happened.

The more I explored the 11:11 phenomenon, the more confused I became. It was so easy and tempting to cling onto these seductive theories… perhaps my angel and spirit guides were trying to contact me, or perhaps 11:11 was reminding me that I was a lightworker… every theory held so much promise of impending happiness and spiritual fulfilment.

I had no doubt that the 11:11 phenomenon was real. But after two years of seeing 11:11 and 911 every day, none of the promises made by any of the theories had materialized. And something deep inside me began to stir, telling me that I was somehow missing the whole point.

I felt very strongly that maybe, just maybe, the answer lay not in finding the right theory to believe, but in exploring why I had chosen to believe any of the theories in the first place. I realized that my beliefs were telling me something about myself, and were pointing me towards a deeper truth.

At that time, I was working with a fully awakened and experienced spiritual teacher. I told him that I was frequently seeing 11:11, and was struggling to find the deeper meaning behind it. He replied, ‘We see what our ego wants us to see. We believe what our ego wants us to believe.’ And as usual, he invited me to breathe into the present moment and let go of my ego story, because problems can’t be solved with the mind – the ego. They can only be resolved through conscious awareness.

So I breathed into the moment and connected with stillness, and the deeper truth slowly blossomed up from inside me, crystallizing into perfect clarity in the form of three realisations.

Firstly, I realised that whilst the 11:11 phenomenon is certainly very real, I had unintentionally used it as an ego projection.

My ego had grabbed onto those exciting theories, using them to create all sorts of beliefs and ideas about myself, spinning a web of illusion to keep my attention away from my authentic self. The theories which had captivated me most, simply showed me my deepest ego desires and beliefs. They showed me what I yearned for, what I dreamed about, and what I gave special meaning and attachment to.

Approaching 11:11 from the place of ego and its beliefs had only served to inflate my spiritual ego, taking me even further away from the spiritual fulfilment which 11:11 theories promised.

Secondly, I saw how my ego had used 11:11 as a way to place all my happiness in some projected future moment, which was totally dependent on certain ‘spiritual’ things happening in my life.

But life only ever happens now, in this ever present moment. If I continued to believe in my ego stories about 11:11, I would always feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled and lacking. And I would look to 11:11 and other beliefs for the promise of a better future. 11:11 had been an ego trap, keeping me out of the present moment, and focused on chasing fantasies of future happiness and fulfilment. In believing 11:11 theories, I had been resisting myself and resisting the present moment, pushing myself even further away from my authentic self.

As I slowly exhaled and allowed these two realisations to sink in, they weaved gracefully together into the third realisation, which showed me the true significance of 11:11.

In order to find the happiness and spiritual fulfilment that my ego desired from 11:11 theories, I had to let all the theories go. And in letting go, I felt a deep sense of freedom, which brought an even deeper sense of peace.

So, for me, 11:11 is a powerful reminder to breathe into the present moment and connect to conscious awareness… to let go of my beliefs, desires, attachments and illusions… to let go of trying to give 11:11 meaning and significance.

Because the deeper fundamental truth is that everything I was ever chasing is already here, inside me, in this present moment of conscious awareness. When I fully embrace and surrender to the present moment without resistance to myself or life – when I fully embody presence – I realise that I already am the love which I wanted from a twin flame, I already am everything I desired from 11:11 theories, and 11:11 can’t give me anything, because I already am everything, even though paradoxically, I am nothing.

In letting go of the need to believe in 11:11 theories, I realized that I already embodied everything that they had ever promised.

( And as I finished this article, I noticed that the word count is 1111 ! ).

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3 thoughts on “The meaning of 11:11

  1. Anonymous

    I am grateful you shared this story. I also came to the same conclusion. It always puts a smile on my face when I come across it.


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