Dissolving the story of ‘me’ and ‘you’

Imagine us both, sitting opposite each other, right now… Who do I see? Who do you see?

Do we see our idea of each other, our labels for each other, our judgements of each other?

What stories do our minds tell us? What ideas and beliefs do we project onto each other?

Perhaps, simple labels – you are my boss, my soul mate, my yoga teacher, my friend…

Perhaps, stories based on our past interactions – you are generous, kind… jealous, angry… shy, loyal… extrovert, insecure… controlling, arrogant… talented, intelligent… messy, impatient…

Perhaps, stories based on our future expectations or fears – you are someone who will betray me, who will let me down, who will leave me… someone who I can always trust, who is always late, who is always cheerful… someone who never lies, who never shares, who never gives up.

Always and never are the two biggest stories we use for each other. But, can I be sure that you always or never behave a certain way? Can I be sure that you will always or never play a certain role or identity, for your entire life? Can you be sure that I am always or never messy, arrogant, jealous or insecure?

When we look at each other, how much of what we see is truth? And how much is just a story?

What if all our stories are actually just illusions?

Stories exist in time. They are based on past interactions, and future expectations.

Stories are illusions. Because life only ever happens in the timeless now, in this moment.

Do we ever really see each other as we are, right now, in this moment?

What do we see, if we have no story about each other?

We see each other through the eyes of presence, rather than the eyes of ego. And we recognize that we are each other, because we see that same presence reflected back at us from each other.

There is nothing dividing or separating us, because we are the same presence, in which all of life is expressed. At every moment, there is no ‘me’ or ‘you’ making life happen. All the sounds, sights, sensations, thoughts and feelings arise spontaneously into the emptiness. It all happens effortlessly, life unfolding as one, with each new moment. We are part of that oneness, expressing itself as different forms.

Nothing separates either of us from this moment. And nothing separates me from you in this moment.

When we see each other without any story, we see ourselves, not just in each other, but in everything around us. We are the same presence, gracefully weaving itself into life with each new moment.

And as we become aware of the timeless presence that we are, all our stories become irrelevant and pointless, and we find unconditional freedom and love… as we gently dissolve the story of ‘me’ and ‘you’.

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