Seeing through the illusion of suffering

I take on a spiritual idea, a belief – ‘Suffering is an illusion. The ‘self’ is an illusion.’

Does this mean that suffering and the ‘self’ do not exist, because they are just illusions?

But, I still suffer, I am still aware of a ‘self’, who thinks, who feels… who suffers.

What if, my belief that it is all an illusion, is what stands in the way of truth?

If I carry a belief that my suffering is just an illusion, then I am invalidating, denying and rejecting my present moment experience… denying and rejecting those parts of myself which I believe need healing… denying and rejecting parts of the wholeness that I am.

My belief becomes a very subtle and sneaky form of self-hatred and self-rejection.

What if the illusion is my belief that I am my suffering?

The illusion is my identification with the suffering, not the suffering itself?

What if, I am not my suffering, but the space in which suffering arises?

I am not the ‘self’, but the space in which a ‘self’ arises?

If suffering is here, it can be embraced. It is already here, it’s already been accepted to happen, so I can let go of my resistance to it… let go of my identification with it… let go of the illusion that I am my suffering.

Can I see the wholeness at the heart of my suffering? Can I recognise that even in my pain, I am healed and whole? Can I tenderly embrace my pain with the love that I am?

What if, the suffering and the ‘self’ are both unconditionally accepted aspects of the wholeness that I am?

And in that wholeness, there is nothing to deny, reject or see as an illusion. There is only everything to love, with the unconditional acceptance that I am.

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