Love is not what we think

My mind perceives a world of polarity – good and bad, desirable and undesirable, positive and negative… ultimately expressed as ‘love’ and ‘fear’.

My mind tells me that I want more love, because I resist, deny and suppress the undesirable polarity of fear, and this causes me to suffer. So I grasp and cling to anything which I believe will give me more love. And I push away and reject anything which I believe will cause fear. I yearn and strive to exist at just one end of the polarity – love.

In this perceived world of polarity, there is never enough love, because fear is always present too, so there is never a feeling of wholeness and fulfilment. And when I am offered a glimpse of love, it feels so delicate and fragile, and this creates even more fear in my mind – fear that I will lose that precious and fleeting moment of love.

I could look for love in a thousand ways, in every corner of the world – I could look for it in other people, in my soul mate, in validation through my career or status, in my appearance, in money, in my hobbies, pets or in my reputation.

But, it doesn’t work. It never works.

In a world of polarity, where there is love, there has to be fear as its opposite. It is impossible for me to exist at only the ‘positive’ end of polarity, or to find wholeness there.

Because polarity requires balance.

Perhaps, the doorway to wholeness is found within the very heart of that balance of polarity…

What if, my desire for positive polarity, and my rejection of negative polarity, is obscuring the wholeness and love that I seek?

What if, the wholeness and love that I seek are already here, always here, exploding with abundance, now in this moment, arising everywhere and nowhere at the same time?

In the world of polarity, I see fear, anger, hatred and any other negative emotion as something to escape. But what if this perception of negative polarity is not at all what I imagined?

What if the negative polarity is simply another form of love, always moving through me, always part of the wholeness and love that I already am?

So I can choose to embrace the negative – allow my fear, accept my anger, own my guilt, admit my jealousy. I can choose to fully accept every form of polarity that visits my soul, surrendering to all with compassion and grace.

And in my deepest acceptance of both polarities, I finally find the wholeness and love that I was so desperately seeking. It’s been here all along, hidden behind my mind’s game of polarity. And, I realise that I am that wholeness and love. It is not something I can ever have or own. It is what I am – it’s what we all are – one and the same.

Polarity only exists as a concept of the mind. In truth, there is only the wholeness and love that I am.

And as I surrender to this truth, I quietly watch as the mind’s game of polarity dissolves into oneness, where all parts of the whole are unconditionally accepted as love.

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