Everything is ok…

Just for a moment, this moment, now… is it possible to imagine, that everything is deeply ok?

Because, everything is ok… everything that happens – every thought, every emotion, every word, every action… by everyone and everything, everywhere, always.


Everything that arises is ok, because it has already been accepted to arise, now, in this moment. It is already here, allowed, accepted by life to arise.

We can choose to surrender, or resist. And either way, it’s still ok.

This truth is so profound and so embracing of the wholeness that we are, and carries absolute freedom at its core. But our confused minds struggle to understand… struggle to comprehend the totality of our lack of control over life. We fight with the past, even though it no longer exists… we try to control the future… even though it is just an imaginary concept… and we resist the present moment, even though it is the wholeness of life happening now, continuously unfolding, now.

Life happens, all by itself, spontaneously arising in each new moment. And everything that arises is already ok, because it is already arising, now.

But our minds live in a projected world of polarity and judgement, and are unable recognize the truth that, ‘everything is ok, because everything is’.

And that is ok too.

Just for a moment, this moment, now… is it possible to go beyond your mind, and recognize that everything is deeply ok?

Your darkest and cruelest thoughts are ok.

Your most destructive and wretched emotions are ok.

Even your body’s physical pain is ok.

Feel it all, allow it all, because it is already arising. Acknowledge the hatred, fear and anger. Admit the jealousy, guilt and shame. Allow the despair, sadness and darkest nights of your soul. Embrace the physical pain and explore the sensations it brings.

Your mind will try to reject, deny and escape from these unwanted aspects, but it’s impossible, because they are already here, arising now… already part of the wholeness that you are.

Wholeness is eternally whole. It cannot remove a part of itself and still stay whole.

So become the wholeness that you already are – acknowledge your resistance and suffering. Admit your desire to escape or control. Allow your futile attempts to reject, suppress and deny whatever is arising. Because it is all ok.

This ‘ok-ness’ of life, means that everything has already been unconditionally accepted to arise, because it is arising… and this unconditional acceptance is the purest expression of unconditional love.

Can you recognize, just for a moment, that every aspect of you is part of this unconditional love, even the aspects your mind rejects as ‘bad’ or ‘unwanted’?

Every aspect of you that arises in this moment is ok, because it’s all part of the same love, acceptance and wholeness that your mind seeks.

And if you don’t recognize it now, in this moment, that’s ok too – even your frustrated and exhausted seeking for wholeness is ok.

Can you embrace everything that arises in the space that you are?

Can you surrender to the love and acceptance that you already are?

When you recognize that everything is ok, that nothing is rejected or ‘bad’… then you discover that only love arises.

It’s all here, now, in this moment. It can only be found in the wholeness of what you already are. It cannot be found in the polarity of your confused mind.

But your confused mind is part of that wholeness too, so everything is ok.

3 thoughts on “Everything is ok…

  1. Ophelia

    Profoundly true, full of wisdom & very beautifully expressed..just lovely! Much appreciated, thank you!


  2. Jason

    You have brilliantly and profoundly taken us on a journey of realization through suffering. Superbly penned…….Thanks for sharing your truly inspired realization of Truth – Truth of the Absolute variety.


  3. Anonymous

    I cannot speak as I read your astute observations. I am coming to this realization as well. Beautifully written. Thank you!


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