Spirituality and money

‘Should we charge money for spiritual services?’

Perhaps this is the wrong question.

Perhaps we can ask, ‘What do my beliefs about money and spirituality tell me about myself, and how can I use this to heal?’

Any belief about money and spirituality is a conditioned belief, and it comes from a misinterpretation of what money actually represents.

Money is simply a form of energy. It is only the meaning and significance we place on money that causes problems – either in spirituality or elsewhere. Our egoic attachment to money causes suffering… Seeking status, identification, safety and fulfilment in money is an egoic illusion, which can never lead to the wholeness we really seek.

If we choose to offer spiritual services in exchange for money, it can bring up aspects of ourselves that we need to heal…

Sometimes, a spiritual worker might develop a ‘grasping’ spiritual ego, and become very attached to money and status. Their intention becomes money-focused, rather than service-focused. They fall into the trap of seeking wholeness and validation in money and in their spiritual identity, which is only an illusion.

And it’s a common trap – it is a very delicate balance to charge money for spiritual services, without getting attached to that money. People struggle with it, and this is why there is so much stigma and judgement. Many spiritual workers shun money, in the fear that they will become ‘more egoic’ and ‘less spiritual’.

But a spiritual worker who is desperate to avoid materialism and greed, is just expressing another ‘rejecting’ form of spiritual ego – another trap. Countless spiritual workers live in near poverty, waiting for the universe to provide them with abundance, which never comes. They refuse to take proactive steps to make more money, because they feel guilty… because they falsely believe it will make them materialistic, instead of recognizing that money can be an energy exchange with no egoic attachments.

And this guilt and confusion around money stems from conditioned fear and self-hatred. So they find themselves struggling to survive, whilst giving their spiritual services for free. They study ‘law of attraction’ and ask the universe to provide. But in doing this, they are giving away their power to the external – assigning responsibility to ‘the universe’. This takes them further from recognizing their own true abundance. It is also an expression of self-unworthiness, and a way of avoiding taking responsibility for that self-unworthiness. So perhaps as spiritual workers, if we do feel guilt, we can use it as an opportunity to focus inwards, and tenderly embrace those unhealed parts of ourselves.

A spiritual worker with a ‘rejecting’ spiritual ego is often a ‘wounded healer’ – seeking fulfilment and wholeness by helping others – their egoic seeking mechanism is cleverly disguised as a noble cause. But the universe is simply a reflection of ourselves, so a wounded healer will attract a universe that supports and reflects their wounds – often through a lack of abundance.

As spiritual workers, we pour hours of energy, focus and love into helping and supporting others. If we do not receive a corresponding and balanced energy exchange, then we are simply engaging in a very subtle form of self-unworthiness – with the underlying belief that we are not worthy of receiving a balanced exchange.

Money also represents intention through energy exchange – if someone gives money to a spiritual worker, they put a value of intention behind it, and are therefore more likely to work on themselves, to receive that corresponding value of energy in exchange. And money also represents intention on the part of the spiritual worker, to provide the best possible service. Abundance is a balanced and continuous flow of energy, which manifests in many formless ways, and in many physical forms – money being just one of them. We are not separate from this flow of abundance. We are part of it, so to reject one part of it (money) is to reject a part of ourselves, and in doing this, we throw ourselves out of balance, and out of alignment with abundance.

So, our conditioned beliefs around money and spirituality are simply opportunities for us to explore our own egoic patterns of self-rejection, self-hatred and seeking mechanisms.

We are an expression of the unlimited abundance of the universe, which includes money, and in recognizing this, we can embrace and embody the abundance that we already are. It all starts from within, and life reflects that back to us.

All our egoic attachments, judgements, grasping and rejection of money (in spirituality or elsewhere) – it all falls away – when we embrace, accept and love every aspect of ourselves.

When we experience our true nature, as the unconditional love, acceptance and abundance behind all of life, which also becomes all of life… then we recognize that money is simply another expression of the love and wholeness that we already are – another form of energy which arises and falls, as part of the flow of life. And as we recognize this, we let go of our egoic attachment to money, and can freely allow it to arise and fall in the space of awareness that we are.

4 thoughts on “Spirituality and money

  1. Kinga

    Thank you! You raised an important subject which lots of us think about. For me the most important is to accept that no matter if money come or not I still keep up doing what I do.


  2. Anonymous

    Fantastic. During my early days as a healer I struggled with asking for money for service. This article really reinforced my journey to a more whole me. Thank you


  3. Patrick

    It is ironic that almost every other action in the world is allowed to be valued by payment but the most valuable things are supposed to be given away for nothing. How can we be of any service in the world if we are hungry and homeless? I am not a spiritual teacher but I am a healer and this taboo against earning a living using our talents makes no sense to me.


  4. Pia Christina

    Such clarity – You’ve been splitting hairs till you got to the core of the theme of money.Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom here.


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