The illusion of ‘transcending the ego’

In order to fully awaken, it may seem that our identity and all our beliefs – the false ‘self’ – has to die. We believe that our ego is the only thing standing between us and enlightenment, so we diligently attempt to ‘get rid’ of it.

But, the ego doesn’t have to be removed, transcended, dissolved, or overcome.

The false ‘self’ doesn’t have to be murdered.

The idea that we should judge, reject, and abandon ego (or any other part of ourselves), is a violent act of self-hatred, and a powerful expression of separation… yes, another expression of ego!

So, we can allow the ego to play its games.

It only has to be seen, and seen through.

And as we see through it, we realise that the ego is nothing but a collection of thoughts – a bunch of ideas, concepts, labels and judgements, all patched together to create an image of ‘me’ – a very complex, but very simple illusion of ‘self’.

So we can simply allow the ego to be, because it already is. We can tenderly embrace the ego… seeing it for what it is… knowing that we are also the void of nothingness beyond.

And we can consciously stare into that void beyond the illusion of ego, and courageously invite its blank terror to shudder through our souls. We can tumble into the nothingness of what we are, until we find ourselves back home – where we have always been, and what we have always been.

Home… the unknowable mystery of life creating itself, for itself – both the heartbeat of life, and that which witnesses the heartbeat.

Home… the unconditional acceptance – the compassionate space of awareness – in which all of life arises, always now. And yet, home is also all of life itself – every form, every thought, every emotion, every experience… every ego.

No expression of life is excluded. It can’t be, because it has already been accepted by life to arise. Only ego tries to resist what has already arisen, including itself.

But when we remember that we are at home, and we are home itself, we suddenly find ourselves able to throw open the door, and welcome all aspects of ourselves, including the ego which we once so cruelly rejected.

Because we have seen, and seen through.

And as we open the door to ourselves, we also find space to welcome every aspect of life as it arises in each moment, because we realise that it’s all part of the same unconditional home that we are.

5 thoughts on “The illusion of ‘transcending the ego’

  1. Angie

    I have missed you Georgi,haven’t been getting your post.I am so happy I received this one as it was very helpful.Thank you


  2. Liza

    Wow! Just amazing to read it!This is such an important realization to come to understand. Thank you


  3. Marta

    The little scared ego finally feels accepted and loved, cradled by beautiful words, and a magical vision


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