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I look out from the stillness, and see people running all around. They run through their stressful busy lives, endlessly seeking, chasing, grasping, wanting… looking for love, fulfilment, wholeness, and an end to their suffering.

They are all on a path to somewhere. Some barely shuffle along their paths, almost overwhelmed by their crippling emotional pain; whilst others sprint in joyful delusion, believing with blinkered minds, that their path is the only one leading to wholeness. Some people grab and discard different paths like cheap clothes, never able to decide which is the ‘right’ path; whilst others become so fixated on one path that they scorn and judge anyone who chooses an alternative. Whatever the chosen path, everybody is moving forwards in a relentless and determined march towards love, wholeness and fulfilment.

I see the paths laid out before me, and they all have labels, such as ‘religion, spirituality, soul mate, status, money, career’. The paths are all twisting, winding, overlapping and very confusing, like a deep pit of writhing snakes.

I see people clutching at the snaking paths, and I want to reach out and take their grasping hands, and pull them close to my heart. I want to whisper into their souls…

‘Stop, just for a moment. Rest your weary legs here, in the stillness. Take a break from your seeking. Take a respite from walking your path, just for this moment. Because you are so very tired already. You are lost on your path, and running won’t help you to find yourself. Deep down, you know this already – sometimes you wonder if you will ever arrive to wholeness, but you don’t dare to question the possibility that perhaps your path will never lead you there. After all, you’ve invested so much time, energy and belief into your path. How could you abandon it now?

But now is all there is. It doesn’t matter how many years you have walked your path already. Now, in this moment, you are here. And in this moment, as you take a break from walking your path, perhaps you can choose to rest in stillness, and realise that all paths lead away from what you seek. All paths lead away from truth. All paths lead away from love, wholeness and fulfilment.

Because everything you seek, is already right here, right now, in the intimacy of this moment. Because, what you seek is the awareness that compassionately witnesses and gently holds your pounding heartbeat, your falling breath, your busy mind, your churning emotions.

So feel into that awareness – sense it. It’s right here, in the stillness, of the stillness, stillness itself – profoundly intimate, totally immediate, unchanging and always present. It is so simple and immediate that it is often overlooked. But now, without your path to distract you, that awareness can be fully sensed, realized and embodied.

And that awareness is everything you seek – it is the love that creates and becomes all forms… it is the fulfilment in which all possibilities are accepted… and that means all paths are accepted too, because all paths arise within that space of awareness. And awareness quietly watches, whilst you choose to walk your path or not. It makes no difference, because you take that awareness with you, wherever you go, and whatever you do.

So why exhaust yourself walking a path to nowhere?

Why not abandon your path, breathe deeply into the awareness that you are, allow it to fully dissolve you… and just be, this moment.

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