It’s time to go back to basics.

And by that, I mean healing.

Because, we can never fully awaken, until we fully heal.

And by healing, I don’t mean visiting a healer and expecting them to heal us (unless we want to settle for a temporary energetic lift).

No, by healing, I mean taking full responsibility for ourselves and our lives – and that means facing our shadow, making every unconscious aspect fully conscious and transparent, so these aspects can heal themselves. Of course, a skilled healer can help facilitate this process, but only we can do the work for ourselves.

This may seem obvious to many of us on the spiritual path, but we can still get caught out – I certainly did.

Because after working on ourselves for many years, we may think we’ve already healed enough… but the truth is, we are either blind to our own shadow, or we unconsciously don’t want to face it. Otherwise, we would already be fully awake.

And it’s very easy to get caught out this way – when we first start to wake up, we can only awaken out of what’s already conscious in our experience – we can only see through the ego stories that we are consciously aware of. But we have many unconscious stories and beliefs too.

So, even if we start to awaken, some unconscious aspects are extremely persistent, especially trauma, as well as our core ‘deficiency’ story (that feeling of being unlovable, unworthy, not good enough). And sometimes, these aspects are so deeply unconscious, that we are completely blind to them – unable to locate them as the ultimate cause of our suffering.

For example, if we experience trauma as a child, we very often bury and repress the feelings, stories and images associated with that trauma. Somewhere, deep inside the cells of our body, lies the buried and concealed emotion from that trauma. So, even though we have seen through the ego and its stories, we still find ourselves in fight/flight/freeze mode in certain situations – this is a present-day response to that past trauma. Anxiety, depression, addiction, victimhood and anger issues are all present-day responses that can be related to past trauma.

At this point in our spiritual journey, we can fall into the trap of spiritual bypassing – of using any aspect of spirituality to avoid dealing with those present-day effects of past trauma. With spiritual bypassing, we can distract ourselves from our deficiency story, avoid dealing with troubling emotions, live in a fantasy world of spiritual light and love, and can even completely suppress our shadow side, which only leaves us even more unconscious and further from truth.

It takes a great deal of courage to take a really honest look at ourselves, to admit that we are not ‘there’ yet, to tenaciously and relentlessly seek out, recognise and explore all those parts of ourselves which are still unconscious and unhealed.

Embracing our shadow is not easy or enjoyable, but it’s the only way we can truly free ourselves and live in absolute truth – we must dive down into the murky depths of our unconscious, to fully face and feel into everything that we have been avoiding, suppressing, burying and denying – to make every aspect fully conscious. Only then, can we move beyond the core wounds that keep us shackled in ego, with all its fears, projections and endless suffering.

And if we want to wake up and live in truth… that’s when we realise that healing is everything.

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