About Georgi

DSC_8948base3Writer, author and editor…

Georgi’s story is one of diversity, leading to simplicity… she has lived in many countries, blended with contrasting cultures, explored different lifestyles, and worn various identities. Whilst her external ‘self’ has fluxed and changed radically, the inner awareness of that ‘self’ always stayed the same. Together with mindfulness and deep self-enquiry, this experience gave her the opportunity to see the transient, fluid and ultimately illusory nature of ‘self’, identity and conditioning. She realised her true nature as that constant inner awareness, and discovered a deeper reality and freedom in the stillness behind each present moment.

One constant thread is her passion for writing, first expressed in her earlier career as a copywriter, editor and published author. Now, she writes about our true nature beyond the ‘self’, and how a recognition of this truth enables healing, forgiveness and self-acceptance.

She created Be This Moment as a compassionate and inspiring space, to offer words of comfort, clarity and support for the weary soul and confused ‘self’. These words simply point us back to the truth of what we already are – perfect, whole and already deeply accepted.

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